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Investment Opportunities

Senex Diamonds

was established to provide investors with opportunities to protect and diversify their wealth through physical assets—natural color diamonds, precious metals, and real estate. Our mission is first and foremost to help our clients protect their wealth from inflation, declining dollar values, and volatile stock markets with an array of solid, stable investment alternatives. We also offer a variety of education tools and investor resources to help our clients grow their wealth better and faster.

Now that paper currency is no longer tied to gold reserves or any other physical asset, inflation and deflation can wreak havoc on savings. If you invested in the stock market five years ago, your portfolio probably lost or at best maintained its value. Inflation generally outpaced gains. In the same time period, hard assets like gold, silver, and natural color diamonds increased their value. And because they are physical assets, their value was unaffected by inflation, meaning the gains were substantial.

For example, in December 2006, silver was trading at $12.81 per ounce and gold was trading at $615.00 per ounce. Today, silver is trading at around $30.00 per ounce and gold is trading at around $1600.00 per ounce. So, had you invested in silver, your gains would have been 126%, and had you invested in gold, your gains would have been a whopping 156%.

Natural color diamonds, too, have increased their value by about 20 to 25% per year over the last several years.

According to financial experts, volatile markets are still ahead of us. By shifting the focus of your portfolio from paper currency–based stocks and bonds to hard assets, you can insulate yourself from this volatility while actually growing your wealth. We know that demand sets market prices. Demand for gold and silver is projected to increase (silver demand has quadrupled yearly and China has announced a plan to purchase 600 tons of gold this year), and color diamonds are becoming rarer as mines close or plan to close (the Argyle Mines in Australia, a leading supplier, are set to close in 2015).

Hard assets have been the salvation of our economic life since we first understood finances. That’s why, at Senex Diamonds, we believe that a good portfolio should have 20 to 25% in precious metals, another 20 to 25% in color diamonds, and a third 20 to 25% in distressed real estate. This formula will keep and increase your wealth and your family’s peace of mind.

Today is the day to take control of your finances. Let Senex Diamonds help you create a portfolio that will grow and provide you the wealth you and your family deserve.

Diamex means longevity, and that’s just what we provide: long-term wealth through physical assets.

Natural Color Diamonds

Whether loose or set in jewellery, diamonds are a stable investment that has produced solid returns for more than three decades. Investing has never been easier or prettier.

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Precious Metals

Gold, as an asset, has always been fairly stable, but now, with growing demand and dwindling supply, gold is in the perfect position for a spike in value. Don’t miss out!

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Real Estate

With a number of distressed properties ready to be returned to the marketplace, the real estate market offers prime investment opportunities, and we can help you make the most of them.

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