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Established in 1931, GIA is the world's largest and most respected nonprofit institute of gemological research and learning. Because diamonds are so valuable, GIA believes it is essential for industry professionals to have a universal grading system when comparing diamond quality. It is out of this need that in the mid-twentieth century, GIA developed the International Diamond Grading Systemú and the 4Cs as a way to objectively compare and evaluate diamonds. GIA discovers (through...
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Argyle Diamonds

Since the end of the 19th century, small quantities of diamonds were found in Australia through gold prospecting. Then, 1969 saw the commencement of a systematic exploration of Western Australia, and on October 2, 1979, diamonds were discovered in the Argyle volcanic pipe in the Kimberly Region. Open pit mining began in 1985. The mine is owned by the Anglo-Australian mining giant, Rio Tinto. The Argyle diamond mine is the world’s biggest supplier of diamonds. It yields about 80 percent...
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Types Of Orders Which Can Be Used For Physical Precious Metals Bullion Products

1. “Market Order” - This is an order to Buy or Sell regardless of the price 2. “Stop Buy Order” -     This is an order to Buy – once a specified price has been reached. This price, once reached, activates the order, and how it becomes a “Market Order” which would be executed on the next available price. (This price could be “at”, “above”, or “below” the original price specified). 3. “Stop...
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How to Profit from Ownership of Precious Metals Bullion Products

a. Never overextend yourself. Use only funds that you will not exceed for day to day living expenses. b. Once you have determined the total funds you wish to utilize, decide if you wish to totally pay for your product, or utilize the theory of “Other People’s Money”. (Whereby you would use only a portion of your determined funds as a down payment towards your Precious Metals Portfolio). c. As with anything you have purchased, in order to profit from the sale of that item,...
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Equity Releases

Account Equity in excess of 25% may be released to the Account holder, upon request. This amount is added to the then existing Credit Balance due and becomes subject to the Credit fee charge. Excess Equity can also be utilized to purchase product. Note:  Utilization of Excess equity will affect “Collateral” (Equity) Call Levels.  
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Options Available when in Collateral (Equity) Call

a. Purchase Like or Unlike product on a regular Down payment requirement at current price levels. (Total Down payment required is Regular on New produc t plus $ value of Original Call). b. Purchases paid for product (equivalent in Value to 125 % of the Call Amount) and add as additional Collateral. (Like or Unlike Product). Calculations for Paid for Product with equity of 15% or less Amount of Additional                                                                                               ...
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Calculating Collateral (Equity) Calls

All Accounts utilizing Credit facilities provided by PMI are subject to Collateral (Equity) Calls, as disclosed in the Customer Account Agreement with PMI. Collateral (Equity) Calls are triggered when Account Equity reaches 15% or Less, and it is the responsibility of the Account must be restored back to 20% Equity. Should an Account fail to restore Equity back to 20%, the Account becomes subject to partial or total liquidation at the sole discretion of PMI. Upon the establishment of a new...
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Paid for Product

A customer of a Retail Dealer has 2 (two) Choices of Delivery 1. Home Delivery This involves additional costs such as, Fabrication, Shipping, Postage and insurance or insured courier and applicable taxes, (if any). 2.  Delivery to an account with PMI This involves costs such as the New Account Opening Fee of $100.00 and the Prepaid Annual Administration fee of $100.00. All Accounts are subject to a storage fee of ½ of 1% of the annual weighted average value of the product,...
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Precious Metals

Precious Metal Prices Currently, gold is trading at a whopping $1600.00 per ounce; silver, at $30.00 per ounce. These prices represent well over 100% increase in value from December 2006. Had you invested in gold and silver in 2006 rather than the stock market, your portfolio would have profited handsomely in the last 5 years instead of falling prey to the tumult of the stock market and the deteriorating effect of inflation. Silver vs. Gold Gold as an asset is far more stable and far...
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Diamond Color and Clarity Guide

As with regular diamonds, color and clarity are important factors in determining the value of a color diamond. However, whereas clarity is paramount in determining the value of a colorless diamond, it is the rarity and intensity of color that determines a color diamond’s value. Natural color diamonds can be various shades of: - Yellow - Orange - Red - Pink - Purple - Blue - Green -...
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The Foreign Investors Guide To Buying & Selling Real Estate in Nevada

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