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Senex Diamonds believes in longevity through Hard Assets, and that investment grade diamonds must be a part of one`s portfolio.

With a fiat-based economy in which paper currency is no longer tied to gold or any other hard asset, inflation and deflation can quickly change one’s economic circumstances. Hard assets such as; precious gems,precious metals and real estate maintain and even increase their value independently of inflation and deflation, making them the best investments for long-term wealth. 

Let Senex Diamonds build your diamond portfolio with some of the worlds rarest Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds that will grow your wealth and ensure your family’s financial well-being. Senex Diamonds offers you access to some of the rarest Argyle Pink and Internally Flawless Yellow Diamond inventory in the world today.

Invest in Natural Color Diamonds

Rare color diamonds have never decreased in value. Even better, their value has steadily increased over the past two decades. Clearly, these gems are a gem of an investment.

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Letter from the President

We truly appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our firm, Senex Diamonds.

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